Muscle Building

Muscle Building

Are you hitting the gym week after week and not seeing the muscle gain results you want? Are you tired of putting in the effort and not seeing the reward for your efforts?

If so, Limitless Fitness’s muscle building service might be right for you.

Aimed at those who are looking to achieve a chiseled, muscular, athletic look but without the excess fat or bulk often associated with adding muscle mass.

In fact our muscle building program is designed to help you gain muscle at the same time as losing extra body fat! We do not work towards getting you the big, puffy look but that attractive lean, hard physique that will help you turn eyes.

Our system  involves resistance work, clean and optimal nutrition priming your body to build lean muscle mass at the same time as burning body fat.

We are so confident about our work that if you follow our system, we will guarantee your results, or we will give you your money back!

So if you’re looking to gain a lean, powerful muscular physique, our muscle building program might be exactly what you’re looking for.

How Does It Work?

Our muscle building program is tailored to each individual client, their circumstances and their goals.

  • Initial assessment and goal setting session. We take a detailed medical, physical and training history so that we can understand your exact needs and how to structure your muscle building training program.
  • Program Design. Following your assessment, we will design your training program to suit your needs and get you to your goals. With this program you will be able to see significant strength and muscular increase in very short time.
  • Training Sessions. Your training will consist of a mixture of training with your personal trainer, as well as some workouts on your own. These will be designed and tailor made to your goals and specific to your requirements and lifestyle
  • Nutritional Support. A huge part of any fitness program is the nutritional side and we provide you with a customised nutritional plan to help you build the muscle you want and torch body fat.

What You Can Expect

If you follow our system, listen to our advice and do as we tell you, you can expect the following:

  • Massive change in body shape as you build muscle and lose body fat
  • Improved energy, agility and flexibility
  • Better fitting clothes
  • A physically impressive body
  • Better sleep pattern
  • Improved general health and wellbeing

What We Will Need From You

Building muscle and losing fat at the same time is possible, but it isn’t necessarily easy. You need to be spot on with your training, nutrition and sleep patterns to ensure you stay in the optimal zone for your goals.

  • Commitment to your training – making the time for it, and giving it your all when you are doing it
  • Nutritional discipline – you will need to be spot on to build the lean physique you want
  • Sacrifice – you will need to make some sacrifices to keep yourself on course, whether that is a few less treats, not going out as much, or maybe giving up a bit more of your free time.

That is what you will need to achieve the fantastic muscle building results our program offers. It is a tough journey, but well worth taking.

If you want a bit more proof, check out our success stories and get in touch today!

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