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Here Is Just A Selection Of Our Success Stories


Wouldn't you love to be back to the size you were as a teenager?!

I came to Limitless Fitness when I was going through a very stressful time in my life and had gained a lot of excess weight. I have never enjoyed gyms or any sort of exercise and have never been able to run or even power walk. Now I’ve lost 30 pounds and am a regular 10k runner.

You will never be bored as the top quality trainers at Limitless are there to guide you through it all. They will advise you on your personal goals and get you to achieve them fast and make them last.

I will definitely recommend Limitless to everybody as it’s great for your body and great for your mind.

– Della Marjani, Chislehurst


What can you achieve with some hard work, dedication and applied knowledge.

When I started with Limitless Fitness I was overweight, unfit and had really low self esteem. I got an awesome trainer and the results really do speak for themselves.

Training with Limitless has seriously turned my life around. In a span of 8 months, I lost 31 pounds of body fat and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle. I tripled the weight I could bench press and improved my 10k running time by over 12 minutes.

I don’t think there is anywhere else around where I could have gotten these amazing results!

– Abhi Gupta, Orpington


Lola saw a pretty amazing transformation in JUST 20 weeks.

What can you achieve with us in 20 weeks?

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