Workout at Home or Anywhere with Andy!

At Limitless Fitness, we realise that sometimes life can take-over and get in the way of you getting to us to do your day’s training session. So we thought we’d provide you with a simple home-workout in-case any of these very valid EXCUSES (Sure they are) get in the way …

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The Pursuit of Fit-Happy-Ness 2

Easy fitness fans, Hope you had a great weekend and are now settling into the regular week well. If you missed yesterday’s post and want to work out how fitness will personally make you happier in part 1 then CLICK HERE! So by now you will have took some time …

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The Pursuit of Fit-Happy-Ness

Fitness, what is it exactly? Good question, good question. I guess it is different things to all people….. Perhaps you may see a little bit of yourself in one or more of the following people’s perspective on what fitness is to them…. You may be: The young athlete who wants …

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Pumpkin and Chicken Soup

Hey there, Getting in a healthy and balanced lunch (or light snack) is where many people in Western society drop the ball. The deli trade in town and city centres has never been so good, despite supposedly being in a global recession (doom and gloom). If you suffer each day …

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Healthy Lunch-time Meal Ideas

In a world where on the surface everybody seems to be working more, rushing around and have limited time for anything they want to do. Bromley personal trainer Andy Blackwell investigates the impact that eating out for lunch has on the waistline and our health in general.   Andy who …

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