Drinking More Water Aids Weight Loss – Fact or Myth? Kent Personal Trainer Investigates

Over the last two decades there has been a major shift in focus within the fitness and health industry upon rehydration. Whether it be large sports drink companies such as Lucozade or Powerade with their huge marketing efforts or drinking more water to rehydrate and allegedly lose weight.

So… Can a readily available drink really be the answer when it comes to weightloss? 

Kent Personal trainer Andy Blackwell suggests that when it comes to losing a few pounds many of us have a tendancy to focus only on 1 lifestyle change. If they don’t work then we can often become a little despondent and then give up hope.

Andy recommends making a few small lifestyle changes which in turn will add up to a great effect. For example, many of us will read an article about something that is supposed to aid weightloss and act upon that thing alone and expect too much in return.

Andy explains: “One analogy for weightloss is if a builder was to build a house. He wouldn’t just order bricks, he would require mortar, timber, studding and a more raw materials and also labour to complete the project”.

“Further to this if somebody wants to lose weight they may use 3-10 simple mini strategies such as”:

[icon_list style=”plus”]
  • Drinking more water to keep hydration levels high
  • Increasing daily activity eg walking to increase metabolism
  • Increasing weekly intense exercise activity
  • Working out how many calories they are using each day and making sure to consume less calories than this number to stimulate weightloss
  • Sleeping 8 -10 hours each night to stimulate
  • Many other mini strategies[/icon_list]

The great thing about the above is that you simply pick 3 of them the 1st week and try to improve by adding an extra strategy each week. This keeps the health change realistic and you are less likely to be an all or nothing person who does everything the 1st week and then nothing the next week as it is unsustainable.

So what makes drinking more water such a great strategy for weightloss? Is it just hype?

Andy says:- “It is definately not hype, just simple science and a little mathematics”.

“The body sometimes throws us what i like to call a hunger curveball. Before eating try having a cold glass of water and see if you are still hungry 5 minutes later. If you are it means it’s time to get a well balanced meal in”. This helps prevent snacking on sugary or fatty snacks.

When cold water is consumed it also helps have a positive metabolic effect as the body has to heat up the water and this means the body has to burn calories to do this.

When you couple these factors with the fact that the body will function so much more efficiently when constantly hydrated this in turn will mean that you will metabolise fat far more efficiently right throughout the day.

How much water should somebody who is trying to lose weight in Kent consume?

For somebody looking to function well and not lose weight it has been recommended to have 2 litres water per day. So those who regularly exercise or are looking for sustained weightloss should consume around 3 litres of water per day mainly due to the fact that dehydration will be a by-product of the increased intense exercise.

Andy recommends starting with the following if you are looking for Kent Weightloss:

  • Intake 3 Litres of water throughout the day
  • Exercise 3+ times a week include cardio-vascular exercise and resistance work
  • Work out how many calories you require to keep to your weightloss goals and stick to it as best possible and eat balanced healthy meals and snacks.

You can then add in a mini strategy each week as you adapt and start seeing some even greater results.