Healthy Lunch-time Meal Ideas

In a world where on the surface everybody seems to be working more, rushing around and have limited time for anything they want to do. Bromley personal trainer Andy Blackwell investigates the impact that eating out for lunch has on the waistline and our health in general.


Andy who has been personal training in Bromley for 6 years explains:

To get great fitness results is going to take some effort. It is not as simple as just lowering calories, do a little gentle exercise and POW…. i look like Angelina or Brad!!!

There has to be structure brought in that can be gently evolved and that the person is likely to stick to long-term. So we have to be realistic.

One of the sticking points for many people looking to get in shape is that it we are only human and we naturally look for the easiest route to do things. Therefore we can easily just go for the convenience option when it comes to lunch.

The trouble with this is that to get in really great shape we need good nutrients coming in every 2-3 hours.

It is very hard to achieve this when eating out at lunch as often times the food is not healthy and filled with additives.

The best way to make sure that you are getting the right nutrients in is to prepare your lunch at home usually the day before. Bromley personal trainer Andy Blackwell recommends cooking tuesdays and wednesdays lunch at the same time as cooking Monday’s evening meal. This “bulk” preping is the best way to avoid going off plan and eating fatty and sugar laden foods that don’t help you

To help out please take a look at some Bromley personal trainer recommended lunch alternatives via the links below: