The Pursuit of Fit-Happy-Ness

Fitness, what is it exactly?

Good question, good question.

I guess it is different things to all people…..

Perhaps you may see a little bit of yourself in one or more of the following people’s perspective on what fitness is to them…. You may be:

The young athlete who wants to get up and down a pitch in a superhuman manner whilst dominating the opposition easily and feeling on top of the world;

The self-sacrificing parent who’s idea of fitness is to just get through a hectic day and be able to have enough energy to spend some quality time in their loved one’s arms, instead of just working and flaking out / then A.L.A.R.M Groundhog day!!!

You could be the 30-40 something person who never enjoyed sport and now that they feel accepted and comfortable want to feel fitter and stronger than they ever were aged 21.

Perhaps you’ve achieved fame as an international musician, actor or model….. Your idea of fitness maybe dealing with a hectic schedule and still rocking crowds at back to back concerts, traveling constantly and having to appear humble and true all the time, when most mere mortals (no offense to us mere mortals intended) would already be suffering from exhaustion!

Perhaps you started a business from a small acorn and now need the energy to have the confidence to secure vital contracts, goto the next stage of achievements, and of course more importantly be around for your loved ones as much as you can and be very much “In the Room” due to your new found fitness. Perhaps you are in need of the strength to plan an exit strategy after being a loyal servant to your trade for too long…. Or even a down-scale of involvement. Maybe that’s fitness to you.

So, how do all these people’s stories all relate to happiness?

Well, generally speaking, most of us get happy (or stay happy) when we feel we are achieving things….. Or perhaps are moving in the right direction again after a knock-back (which happen to everyone of course, they are circumstancial).

So it may take a little thought to work out what you’d like to achieve with your fitness and whether that would actually make you happy.

It is always good to think it through as you can then be sure that is the path that you want to take factoring in all things and questions like:

* Why you’d like to achieve the goal on an emotional level (hopefully for yourself).

* What benefits that fitness will bring?

* Are you able to change your actions consistently to achieve the goal?

* Are you willing to change your actions consistently to achieve the goal?

* Will it be easy to maintain the level once the goal is achieved?

* Is it even worth the changes required to achieve the goal….Or is it too much upheaval?
IF NOT then the goal should be re-assessed in entirity and start the goal planning process again as you will need to find value to invest time into your health goal.

Once you are sure of what you want to achieve, and are 100% happy that getting their will enrich your life more than the effort it will take getting their, we then goto the next stage which is planning and fitting the daily processes into your daily schedule so that you can actualize the goal(s).

More on that tomorrow folks….. I hope this helps at least one person in the world to work out if what they want is what they really want… If you catch my drift.

Try it for yourself tonight in your “me time” with a pen and paper. It may take upto an hour…. You never know, it might be the most important hour you spend on your fitness.

I leave you today with a fantastic and heartening scene from a great movie that may inspire you as it did me recently (at the right time) about determination, will, guts, and relentless work to get to where you want to go (Ps this includes  spoilers).


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I’d only be too happy to help.

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Regards, Andy