The Pursuit of Fit-Happy-Ness 2

Easy fitness fans,

Hope you had a great weekend and are now settling into the regular week well.

If you missed yesterday’s post and want to work out how fitness will personally make you happier in part 1 then CLICK HERE!

So by now you will have took some time to work out:

1) What it is you want to achieve

2) Why that achievement will make you happy

3) How much effort it will take physically, mentally, schedually (hurrah call oxford dictionary!). Otherwise known as Effort cost.

4) The financial price it will cost you….Factor in things like training cost, training clothes, better quality foods perhaps.
Also factor in the money you may save if you need to reign in habits such as eating expensive take-outs, spending a £7-10 each day on lunches, paying £4 per day for a coffee (what a mark-up), smoking, cost of alcohol.

Hell, you’ll probably even save money if you’re like most of us in the UK!

5) If it is worth it based on the value it will bring to you and the above costs (or profits lol) in number 3 and 4

So now that you have worked out what you want that will make you happy and that it definately is worth it.

You can now go forth and start to filter it into your busy day. Now we can all use excuses such as we don’t have time, however i have only ever met one person who actually doesn’t have any-time for their own health and they are sadly they are not with us anymore ironically.

So if you have ever thought that you don’t have time, just simply follow this post and hopefully take onboard one or two reminders of how to be a little better at scheduling and planning….. After-all, you are most likely already great at scheduling and planning, especially in other areas of your life that have previously grasped your interest a little more than your health:

How you may plan well already:

Perhaps you plan your hard earned money amazingly and are always getting great ROI so that you’re family future is secured.

You may be able to organize the mum’s and toddler weekly meet up with military precision whilst also baking mum food (sweets and cakes tut tut), pouring drinks AND supervising toddler and toy carnage all at once whilst discussing all inclusive holidays and losing belly fat in the same sentence. IRONY!!!

You may plan a staff team at work well to meet deadlines by syncing diaries all to one collective cause.

So all we have to do is 3 things:

1) Gain the knowledge of what changes you will need to make for sure in detail.

2) Work out where you will fit the training sessions / cooking sessions / brief planning and appraisal sessions into your diary on a weekly basis (at gym, bootcamp, with PT or home-workouts).

3) Put your organisation skills to work by actually placing these events into your diary so that you don’t forget.

Sure….You will sometimes miss a session, however what you will do after is more important than the event of missing the session.

Will you choose to:

1) Make it up later when things calm down (possibly sacrificing some other leasure/pleasure event.

2) Do it tomorrow instead (which was meant to be a rest day but now won’t be)

3) Not make up the session at all, and potentially lose faith in what you are doing or become a little less committed / disciplined in your approach because you managed to bend your own rules.

I make that only 2 choices really as you are either making up the session or not. That can sometimes be roughly translated to “AM I GOING TO MAKE A FIGHT OF ACHIEVING MY GOAL OR NOT!!!”


“Am i going to go easy on myself again, i can start again next week can’t i. Pass me another fondant fancy please darling”.

So the next part of planning is….:

Simply Sticking as best as you can to the plan and when (not if) you fall off every now and then, acknowledge the small error of your ways, laugh and crack back on.

For sure the only way i learn anything seems to be by making at least one mistake. I rarely learned anything from my successes except to enjoy them. This makes me a bit dumbass at times but luckily my fighter qualities mean i rarely dwell on it and push on again quickly more often than not.

So as the great Graham Gooch once said “Fail to prepare….Prepare to fail”.

Here’s a few ways that people i know that get decent results roll with their planning:

1)Know all actions needed to achieve goal mindset wise, nutrition wise, training frequency wise and sleep wise. If stuck discuss with a top trainer. Balance is key.

2) Plan all meals for 3-7 days at once.

3) Create weekly shopping list (with minimal need to go back to shop).

4) Get shopping quickly either at shops or online order.

5) Plan 1.5 – 2 hour cooking windows 2 x per week and Get cooking 3-4 days of food twice a week, portion and tuppaware away with labels for days/times etc.

You may currently be very very inefficient in this department, most of us are and its no surprise if you’re not using pen and paper and brain to plan hours/days before. Become the Napolean of cooking strategy!!

6) Portion out morning and afternoon snacks for the week and label up. (like making kids packed lunch).

7) Plan training week. Text trainer to get accountability. “I’ll be attending x, y and z bootcamp and a PT session with you and training at home at such and such time….Can you bust my chops if I procrastinate please…. PS I luv burpees, give me more!)

8) Sort kit and water bottle night before in bag by the door with post workout recovery food/snack 🙂

9) Plan Sleep (if don’t have a teething baby / crazy toddler). 8 hours is great if can get it. Best results gained by sleeping definately from 10pm onwards or as close as possible to this sleep-start-time (see oxford dictionary).

10) Enjoy planning the next wave of goals as the first ones you have set will be on their way fast if you read and act on this post.

If i can help you or a friend / family member in anyway please email me for free advice.

Please feel free to share this with friends and to comment your successes below.

Tomorrow i’ll divulge how to get into the correct mindset to tackle your goals with some mental exercises i learnt as a young athlete. These techniques definately gave me the edge over opponents and my biggest opponent (myself). They also helped me settle my nerves pre/mid-race and defeat my huge fears of FAILURE for life!!!!

Stay cool people, Andy