Workout at Home or Anywhere with Andy!

At Limitless Fitness, we realise that sometimes life can take-over and get in the way of you getting to us to do your day’s training session.

So we thought we’d provide you with a simple home-workout in-case any of these very valid EXCUSES (Sure they are) get in the way of you getting to us:

Car probs
Sudden Holiday to Exotic clim’s
Dog won’t let you out of home
Mini-me issues (Children aye….)
Arrested and in a Prison Cell
You’re not yet one of our clients
You live too far away to be our client anyways
Hangover part 3!!

NEVER AGAIN!!!….Because we’re now in your computer, in your ipad thingy, even in your phone! AND SOON YOUR MIND’s MWAHAHAHAHA (not really)…..
All due to technical advancement.

If you want to keep this training video on your device then simply bookmark this page.


Hope you enjoy this quick easy to learn workout that works the following areas:

Press-Ups = Shoulder, upper back, chest and abs/Core, Upper Thighs

Squats = All Legs and Abs/Core

Cross-Crunch = Abdominals and Obliques, Tops of thighs (a little).

Plank = Core area, shoulder stability, Tops of thighs (front especially)

Running On Spot = Cardio Vascular System, Thighs, Calves, Core

Please Note: After performing all 5 you could take a 1 min break and repeat. If pushing yourself it is possible to get a safe and effective workout in 20-30 minutes.

If you are a total beginner limit times/reps of exercises and also give yourself a rest between each exercise set to recover and continue in good form

Enjoy and please leave a comment and share with friends if you LIKE the advice / workout.

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IMPORTANT / LEGAL STUFF: This free advice is given only for entertainment purposes. Participators do so at their own risk. Please consult a doctor / physician before being passed ready for exercise. If you are carrying an injury or condition consult said physician and Elite Fitness Professional of decent experience level.